Currently I’m reading various technical books and magazines. Outside of technical books, I am currently reading Dune House Atreides. I have fell in love with the Dune audio books as well; I just finished Heretics of Dune and before that God Emperor. And yes, I have read Dune and Dune Messiah. Recently, I have been driving from South Carolina to Maryland and back. The Dune audio books have made the trip much more enjoyable; as a matter of fact, I was actually looking forward to the drive. I am completely fascinated with Frank Herbert; he was a true genius!

I am continually blown away that he was able to tell stories which spanned over thousands upon thousands of years. His books will continue to inspire people for years to come. I also keep hearing rumors that a new Dune movie is coming out, but there are not many details. The technology in which to visually create movies has definitely caught up with Frank Herbert’s imagination. There are many lessons to be learned within his stories, we just have to read between the lines, and as with many other books, it is not meant to be taken literally!

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