WebSphere Commerce

Check FP Enablement Status

  • ./checkEnablementStatus.sh -DinstanceName=wcs-auth01 -DdbUserPassword=Passw0rd

Customizing Behavior Rules

  •  wc-admin-component.xml
  •  Configure for trigger behavior rules
  •  Replace URL commands with custom commands: For example, you change Category Display without modifying the DB.

# NOTE: Performance Tip
Match only required Web applications

Foundation Features
HTTP or HTTPS is defined in the Struts configuration file. This is done for performance and security.

WCS 7 supports drag and drop features

  • fastfinder.jsp

Data load

    • Initial Load

Occurs once
Large amount of data

    • Delta Load

Occurs regularly
Adjustments to initial load
Small amount of data

WCS DB Checking

  • db2 connect to wcs1s1 user wscomusr using Passw0rd
  • db2 “select catalog_id, identifier from catalog”

After Management Center Amamzon creation: Perform the following query.

  • db2 “select catgroup_id, identifier from catgroup with ur”
  • db2 “select storeent_id, identifier from storeent”

Check Deadlocks


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